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Mike Steele training new graduates on Heat Abatement for a Global Animal Health company

Inspire Cattle Solutions excels in training and education. With the ability to deliver training on farms, in workshops, within industry and on webinar platforms, we are flexible and adaptable to all your needs. We specialize in interactive and inclusive methods of teaching and always base information from the latest evidence-based information.


Animal Health and Feed Industries

Trials, Innovation, Marketing and Analysis

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We can support any sort of project for your business involving animal data. Whether you are planning a field trial, looking for an expert opinion report, presenting at international conferences or even launching a product, we have extensive experience in this style of work. Technical writing and data analytics using JMP are all within our scope. We are ready for your call.

We also have a YouTube channel, where we can promote products through educational videos. Go and check us out!

YouTube Homepage

InspireCows is our NEW YoutTube channel, dedicated to Dairy Health. Upskill with knowledge-based videos, learn about the latest research, products or innovative project and share experiences on Global Farm tours. Useful “How To…” videos on cow and calf related subjects too. Join the subscribers TODAY!

Farm Projects

Do you have an animal health challenge on your farm?

At Inspire Cattle Solutions we are passionate about cows! We will listen to you and work together with your advisors and your data to build and create a solution, tailored to YOUR needs. We focus on improving true value to your business and ensuring the best, evidence-based advice for your cows.

Who We Are

Mike Steele BSc(Hons) BVSc MRCVS, Director

Mike has an excellent record in coaching: he has taught at Bristol University Veterinary School, earning two “Excellence in Teaching” awards; traveled across many countries, delivering conference presentations including World Buiatrics Conference, East Coast Dairy Conference, USA and European Buiatrics Congress. He concentrates on inclusive and interactive learning and can deliver webinar training over many internet platforms.