We offer 3 services: Continuing Education Webinars; Research and Development Support and Farm Improvement Projects:



We provide continuing professional development (CPD) solutions by webinar, conferences or meetings, allowing our professional colleagues to progress and create new value in their own ventures and businesses.

With well over a decade of experience in both Academia and the Global Pharmaceutical Industry, we have designed and provided innovative and fun ways to learn and coach. We have an inclusive and motivating approach to teaching, with a “There are no silly questions” policy!



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Everyone and every animal is worth the investment of Education!





Farm Improvement Projects,

Many farming companies reassure their customers that farm quality and welfare is maximised in their contributing farms. Few however, follow specific aims and show tangible improvements from actual data. Our projects always aim to follow a NEED to a RESULT. Value may be improving economics but often, life is made easier for producers and the animals. This is where we excel!


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Inspire Cattle Solutions are dedicated to improving the lives of our farmers by focusing on efficiency, never compromising the welfare of our ultimate provider, the cows!



Research and Development Support

With extensive experience in assisting research and development teams from proof of concept to launching global products, we can provide that link between laboratory and boots-on-the-ground farm experience.

Whether your company is producing the next ground-breaking animal health product or simply wondering “what’s next?”, Inspire Cattle Solutions can help. We can aid clinical trials, advisory boards, report writing and provide expert advice in animal health products.


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Innovation in animal health is the beating heart of livestock welfare