Farm Consulting

How Will You FEEL?

Because we pay so much attention to both your farm and your data, it is easy to show the real differences on the things that are important to YOU. There is less pressure on your business and often, less time spent fixing sick cows. These days, free time is precious: Capture as much as you can!

Comfy dry cows

What To Expect from Inspire Cattle Solutions

When you contact us, we will dedicate our time to YOUR NEEDS, whatever they are.

  • We will LISTEN
    • Here, we can talk about what your main challenge is: This way, we can start to build a picture of where you are now, so that any changes we do can be well defined later.
  • Farm Walk
    • We will thoroughly assess all aspects of your challenge area: animals, people, environment, comfort, routines etc.
  • Gather Data
    • We will collect relevant data to your challenge and analyse your current situation.
  • Discover the Root Cause
    • This part will involve everyone: we will work together to identify all of the factors contributing to your problem and focus on the single, most important contributing factor
  • Countermeasures
    • Here, we can build a plan based around the root cause
    • We will organise and ensure that everyone knows what their main goals are to achieve within their timelines.
    • At this point, we can re-analyse the data and on-farm situation to evaluate and SHOW the DIFFERENCE to both Your Dairy Business and the difference it makes to your animals.
Healthy Cows and Healthy Dairy

This is a proven and established process, used by many large businesses already, including the aerospace industry and healthcare institutions. It ensures that everyone is clear on what’s going on, all the time and makes sure that progress is made in timelines that everyone wants.

A Real Example

Better dry feeding meant better results

One Dairy was finding it hard to cope: cows were experiencing lower yields than expected and many were not getting pregnant in the right timeframes. By visiting the farm and measuring feed accessibility, the dry cows had too little space to feed. They also had very sortable ration: Fibre was long and they were leaving much of it in the feedbunk. As a result, they were putting on condition in the dry period and experiencing ketosis. This meant that there were cows with DAs, increased metritis and lower yields.

By working with the nutritionist, vet and farm team, the cows ate the correct ration and ketosis went to 0% within 3 weeks.

Over the next 3 months, early lactation cows produced 4kg MORE milk on average and there were significantly less sick cows. The farmer had more time to spend doing things he wanted and over 150 days later, reproduction had improved also. The farm made over £9,000 more from less disease, £22,000 from milk sales (IOFC) and £6,000 from reproduction improvements.

The extra time, was priceless.