Co-op of Dairies, Processor or Retailer? Looking to increase efficiency in 2019?

Inspire Cattle Solutions is Passionate about Efficiency and Cow Well-being

What is the greatest animal management challenge your dairies face in 2019? Whatever the answer, we can work with you to find a solution. We can design a project customised entirely to your needs and ensure that the results are accountable and deliverable in YOUR timescale. We try hard to link any changes that we advise to show value back to your business. Efficiency goals usually focus on profits as well as time saved for personnel or animal time budgets. We have the experience and capability to do this anywhere on the Globe.

As an example: a major retailer was wanting to market milk products to its customers by reassuring them that the cows supplying them were “happy” (in this case and in their opinion, this meant lower disease risks on farm). Representative farms of the suppliers were visited and aspects of management were studied in terms of disease risk. Stall size, barn design, time budgets, feed and water availability, heat abatement, and parlour routines were all studied. Dairy data from the farms was analysed and it appeared that subclinical ketosis was higher than average. On closer inspection, dry cow fibre ration and feed space had opportunities to be optimised on most sites. Within less than a month of changes being made, ketosis was reduced by 70% on average and yields were up 2kg/day/animal on farm in the fresh groups. Incomes for producers were increased by at least $10k/year and the retailer could back up their claim of lower disease risks. The farmers realised that they spent less time treating sick cows as well, freeing up more time to dedicate to what they like to do well: looking after healthy animals.

When you are planning your 2019 management goals, think of Inspire Cattle Solutions: we want to help you to bring healthier cows’ milk to YOUR customers¬†

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