Farm Improvement Projects

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Improving Farms across the World

Our customers are mainly large dairy processors, retailer brands or charitable organisations. Inspire Cattle Solutions can advise on how large numbers of cattle farms can be improved by focusing on the company’s priority NEED.

Improvement projects are centred around our major provider: the cattle themselves. Efficiency and productivity should never compromise the well-being of animals. Science and Welfare are at the heart of what we do. Inspire Cattle Solutions focuses on reducing the risk of disease and production losses by preventing the causes of origin.

We are committed to improving welfare and productivity in the developing world, and projects may involve working with charity organisations or companies that want to help communities and animals to progress, improving their lives and their confidence in the future.

Wherever we are on the globe, dairy and beef business have economic pressures that need to be both survivable and sustainable. Inspire Cattle Solutions listens for the individual need of each customer and uses Lean Efficiency processes to focus on the root cause. Only when this is established, can a clearly structured project be built, tailored to that need. By doing this, accurate and measurable value can be clearly determined and delivered back to you.

Global Experience

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Inspire Cattle Solutions have experience on very large farms in the US, all types of farms in Europe and commercial to smallholder farms in Africa and Asia. We believe we are unique in offering our services to your requirements anywhere on the globe with expertise that can deliver to your project.

We are vets, We use evidence and we provide visible value.




Testimonials and Past Projects

  • Doubling the Milk Supply on Pilot Farms in Pakistan for a major Global Milk Brand
  • Increased Profit on Retailer Farms by Decreasing Ketosis

Doubling the Milk Supply on Pilot Farms in Pakistan for a major Global Milk Brand

In 2016, a major, Global milk processing company came with a specific problem: their milk supply in Pakistan was significantly less during the months of April to October. This lead to an inconsistent supply and less efficient collections. The impact on the producers was considerable, as they did not have a consistent income and their cows were not performing to their genetic potential.

PAK farmer good fans v1After visiting the area and local farms, it became apparent that environmental heat was a huge problem and existing heat abatement equipment was not being used to its potential. Working with their staff and producers, together we adjusted the equipment, educated around the subject of heat abatement and ran a project in 2017 on 10 pilot farms to evaluate the differences. Collecting milk supply data, complying farms ranged from increasing milk production from 1.3 to 2.3 times the milk from the previous year, nutrition and other management practices not being significantly changed apart from ensuring a consistent supply of food throughout the day.

This processor has many more farms in the region and plans to replicate the interventions from 2018 and into the future.

Increased Profit on Retailer Farms by Decreasing Ketosis

A major UK retailer was wanting to assure their customers of their commitment to animal welfare as well as support a robust farm assurance scheme. Visiting some of their Healthy cow laying on strawfarms revealed opportunities in dry cow nutrition and feed/water space availability. By adjusting fibre and water intakes of the cows, complying farms increased milk volume and income for the farmers as well as reducing ketosis in early lactation dairy cows. this increased supply to the retailer, reduced the risk of ketosis-related transition diseases and meant less work for the farmers in fixing problems after calving.