Inspire Cattle Solutions Improves Market Access

Helping Micron BioSystems and Granda Zootecnici make better connections in Animal Health

A recent WIN for two companies looking for improved ways of providing excellent technical services together with great quality products. Micron BioSystems make and distribute quality silage inoculants and immune supporting neutraceuticals and Granda Zootecnici distribute animal health solutions and consulting services on farms. By connecting the technical knowledge of Micron’s products and working with the technical portfolio of Granda’s products, Inspire Cattle Solutions was able to improve both client relations and technical confidence in both companies.


Together, the Micron market access team and Inspire Cattle Solutions visited Granda’s offices in the beautiful Piedmont region of Italy, near Turin. By explaining the technical aspects of Micron’s products and fitting this with Granda’s excellent on-farm consulting services, the two companies were able to make better connections and build a healthier future for both business and their customers.

Advance Grass has Enzymes and Bacteria to help gain more energy from YOUR silage

A big thank you to the Micron and Granda Zootecnici Teams to make this union happen! Italian dairy farmers can expect access to better silage energy provision through ADVANCE inoculants in this year’s cut and future milk value.