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INSPIRECOWS! NEW YouTube Channel for Dairy Health is Launched!

InspireCows YouTube Channel image

Today sees the launch of our new channel, INSPIRECOWS. Here, we will showcase great farms around the world, new products and innovation, research and news. We will interview firms and universities for the latest information and provide learning resources about key aspects of dairy health.

Learn more skills

INSPIRECOWS will feature “How to…” videos on common procedures on farm such as how to use a Penn State Sieve, how to check your parlour routine etc. as well as special learning sessions covering the lifetime of a Dairy Cow. We will strive to keep all of this information purely evidence-based and steer you to the relevant sources of knowledge.

What’s on now?

There will be regular uploads, so remember to click on the bell notification to ensure you don’t miss out on the latest video!

We begin the launch with knowledge-based articles on:

  • Heat Stress,
  • Ketosis,
  • Immunity and the Calf,
  • Milk fats and where they come from
  • Feed efficiency and monensin

Look out soon for farm-based features and more videos on the lifetime of a cow.

(Note that during COVID security regulations, we are restricted from entering farms, so until we are more free, we will concentrate on more knowledge-based material)


Cows on a mountain

If you have a new product, sustainable policy or research that you wish to showcase on the channel, don’t hesitate to contact us to let everyone know! We are very keen to feature the latest ideas and innovation and can show your new idea straight to the homes, tablets and mobiles of your targeted customers!

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