Can YOUR cows cope with the HEAT?

What do you want to know about heat stress in dairy cows?

Fans and sprinklers cooling cows at 45degC in Pakistan. A Great Set-up!

It’s already May and the temperatures are rising in the Northern Hemisphere. In April, we have had 2 weeks over 28 degrees C and it’s guaranteed that hot weather is to come. Cows show heat stress from a Temperature Humidity Index of 65 (Bernabucci U.) and from there, milk volume, Dry Matter Intake and reproduction will ALL be affected. Do you know what priorities to apply on farms? When and where to place fans; what about sprinklers? What droplet size should you advise? What are the production and repro effects?

Inspire Cattle Solutions training 30 Young Vets in Belgium on Heat Stress for Elanco Animal Health

Fortunately, at Inspire Cattle Solutions, we are dedicated to helping cows to be comfortable whatever the weather! Follow our link by clicking on this text for a FREE webinar on Heat Stress in Dairy Cows. On this, we explain what the thresholds of heat are for cows, what effects heat has on them and why this occurs. We then go on to show the solutions that can be done in order of priority on most farms, inside and out.

Humans feel heat very differently to cows!

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