How to Search for a Best Evidence Solution Quickly: Mike Steele



What do you do when you think “I Wish I Knew…”?

Phone screenEvery day, we are challenged by our clients and ourselves when asked about our advice: Is this product better than that one? What is the best surgical approach to the Rumen? Is this nutritional product any good?

Where do YOU go to get these answers? Would you like to know how to save time appraising the Science and finding it quickly? What about getting the most value from your new-found knowledge afterwards?

Inspire Cattle Solutions is pleased to bring you this video on Searching for Best Evidence.

In this session, Mike Steele will show how to use Internet Search Engines to search for your Clinical Questions in the most efficient way. Find the latest research FAST so that you can bring the most relevant scientific interventions to YOUR advice. The web is a big place, with a lot of information: learn how to target the right sites for your searches to bring you the most up to date science.

This is the first of a series of 3 videos:

  1. Searching the Evidence
  2. Appraising the Evidence
  3. Sharing the Evidence



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