New Born Immunity: The Best Start in Life. Prof. H-J Schuberth



Immunity is Critical for Survival: Knowledge of it is crucial!

Life depends on protection from disease and the ability to repair. Understanding this is the basis of all medical and preventative advice. If a new born animal does not develop its immune system and is not given the help it needs, it cannot thrive. The value of this video is clear: learn how immunity develops and gain the key to managing new-borns to their highest potential.

In this video, Professor Hans-Joachim Schuberth of Hannover University explains how the immune system develops in the foetus and provides an up to date review of the latest scientific knowledge of colostrum uptake. He covers:

  • Colostrum Quality and Timing
  • Development of the early immune system
  • Cell and Gut Immunity
  • Nutritional and Oligosaccharide effects on early gut immune development

Professor Hans-Joachim Schuberth is a Global Expert in Veterinary Immunology, publishing widely and presenting at all of the major Global Conferences in Veterinary Immunology. He specialises in epithelial cell interactions with other immune cells and is an inspiring speaker to listen to.

Investing in this video will allow you to understand more about how to protect your youngstock and give them the best start in life.

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