New Evidence of L. garvieae Bacterial Growth in Sand and Udder

A new publication has shown the same strain of Lactobacillus garvieae growing in sand and in the udder

This novel research shows that it is likely that sand bedding can be a reservoir for L. garvieae bacteria for infecting milk in the bovine udder.

L. garvieae isolated from 25 samples of sand bedding from 2 farms in Minnesota and 54 samples of quarter milk from infected cows on these farms, share the same genetic profile. DNA testing showed that the samples were 80-100% similar, suggesting that they are highly related. Sand samples were collected the day bedding was replaced, and so was at its maximum level of contamination.

L. garvieae can be found on fish, vegetables, milk and cheese and has been discussed as a potential human pathogen in the past.

This article from E. Giovanni and a group of scientists from the United States, Italy and Finland comes from the Canadian Journal of Microbiology, 2018

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