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Dairy Profitability Video Series NEW! 3, Brand new videos explaining dairy profitability are now available on InspireCows, the new YouTube Channel dedicated to Dairy Health. Discover the opportunities available to your dairy business and where more value can… Read More

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Age at First Calving brings Great Value to the Dairy

A new review article from Inspire Cattle Solutions finds that calving cows at 22-25 months increases yield by up to 800kg in the first lactation, improves survival and fertility.

Can YOUR cows cope with the HEAT?

What do you want to know about heat stress in dairy cows? It’s already May and the temperatures are rising in the Northern Hemisphere. In April, we have had 2 weeks over 28 degrees C and it’s guaranteed… Read More

Do You Know Which Bacteria are Present in Endometritis Cows?

A new published article has shown how the microbial environment in the uterus of cows alters in the development of Clinical Endometritis. These interesting results show that Healthy cows have a diverse population of bacteria present in their… Read More