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Co-op of Dairies, Processor or Retailer? Looking to increase efficiency in 2019?

Inspire Cattle Solutions is Passionate about Efficiency and Cow Well-being What is the greatest animal management challenge your dairies face in 2019? Whatever the answer, we can work with you to find a solution. We can design a… Read More

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Why do some cows get diseases in transition and others don’t?

New research shows that you can predict which cows may be healthy after calving and which may get diseases

Learn MORE about Heat Stress in Dairy Cows

Download the FREE Webinar Follow this link to register and learn at your own convenience. See the best evidence supporting how to cool cows and make more profits on dairies from Africa to Estonia (yes, even here). Mike… Read More


Continuing Education Webinar on Heat Stress in Dairy Cows On Wednseday 24th October, you will have the chance to register for a FREE INTRODUCTORY WEBINAR from Inspire Cattle Solutions! FOLLOW THIS LINK TO REGISTER Mike Steele BSc(Hons) BVSc… Read More