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NEW! Dairy Conference for Farmers and Vets

The UKVet – Livestock group are launching an innovative and FREE, ONLINE conference for farmer and vets. The programme is relevant to the times and hosts interesting and informative speakers from the industry. The impact of COVID-19 to… Read More

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Milk Fats and Milk Fat Depression

InspireCows has launched a NEW VIDEO explaining where milk fats come from and how to deal with Milk Fat Depression. Milk components are a major source of income on dairy farms around the world and when the amount… Read More

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Birth in Dairy Calves: NOW on InspireCows

It’s YOUNGSTOCK MONTH on InspireCows and we start at the very beginning. Birth in calves is the foundation of the future. Maximising the chances of a live mother and calf involves co-ordinating people, management, environment, equipment and attention… Read More

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InspireCows on YouTube

Dairy Profitability Video Series NEW! 3, Brand new videos explaining dairy profitability are now available on InspireCows, the new YouTube Channel dedicated to Dairy Health. Discover the opportunities available to your dairy business and where more value can… Read More

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INSPIRECOWS: The NEW YouTube channel dedicated to Dairy Health. Search for us on YouTube TODAY!

A New Way to Connect in Dairy?

What if the industry had a new voice, that could be watched by all around the world? What if great dairy producers had a platform to show the best of their farms? What if there was a Global… Read More

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Age at First Calving brings Great Value to the Dairy

A new review article from Inspire Cattle Solutions finds that calving cows at 22-25 months increases yield by up to 800kg in the first lactation, improves survival and fertility.

Inspire Cattle Solutions Improves Market Access

Helping Micron BioSystems and Granda Zootecnici make better connections in Animal Health A recent WIN for two companies looking for improved ways of providing excellent technical services together with great quality products. Micron BioSystems make and distribute quality… Read More

Can YOUR cows cope with the HEAT?

What do you want to know about heat stress in dairy cows? It’s already May and the temperatures are rising in the Northern Hemisphere. In April, we have had 2 weeks over 28 degrees C and it’s guaranteed… Read More

Dairy Income: Do YOU want to improve it?

Profits on a dairy can be maximised by knowing milk price, costs and Income Over Feed Costs. Learn the impact of this on YOUR dairy

It’s Youngstock Month: Age at First Calving. What’s the Fuss?

Age at First Calving is the key test of heifer management. Learn what the ideal time to calve down is and how to achieve this on your farm

It’s Youngstock Month: Growing Great Heifers

How do you make the most of your Heifer Investment? Learn what the targets are and how to maximise them