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Milk Fats and Milk Fat Depression

InspireCows has launched a NEW VIDEO explaining where milk fats come from and how to deal with Milk Fat Depression. Milk components are a major source of income on dairy farms around the world and when the amount… Read More

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Birth in Dairy Calves: NOW on InspireCows

It’s YOUNGSTOCK MONTH on InspireCows and we start at the very beginning. Birth in calves is the foundation of the future. Maximising the chances of a live mother and calf involves co-ordinating people, management, environment, equipment and attention… Read More

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Age at First Calving brings Great Value to the Dairy

A new review article from Inspire Cattle Solutions finds that calving cows at 22-25 months increases yield by up to 800kg in the first lactation, improves survival and fertility.

It’s Youngstock Month: When Should Calves Be Weaned?

Weaning calves is often done at specific ages as that has been traditional. However, this should be an economic decision and the age at weaning can alter depending on when it is beneficial to do so.

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When Should Calves Be Separated From their Mothers?

Calves are separated at birth in most dairies. Why do they do this and what are the effects on them and the dairy businesses?

It’s Youngstock Month: Feeding Pasteurised or Raw Milk to Calves

Should you recommend raw milk or pasteurised milk for growing calves? Find out more with this link

It’s Youngstock Month: Milk Feeding Calves

All calves need milk before weaning. This can be costly, so getting it right is an economic decision. Learn more about whether to feed milk or replacer to your calves

How can Evidence Based Veterinary Medicine create Value?

Evidence based veterinary medicine looks at the best scientific literature supporting health interventions. This can be applied in practice and then the difference can be measured to evaluate the value to each of the stakeholders? cow, farmer and vet.

Getting the Most from Dairy Assurance Advice

Processors, Retailers and Co-ops buy milk from Dairy Farms: many have quality assurance schemes that are intended to support farmers, consumers and their own businesses. The reality is that pleasing everyone is often very challenging. Farmers need a… Read More

Learn MORE about Heat Stress in Dairy Cows

Download the FREE Webinar Follow this link to register and learn at your own convenience. See the best evidence supporting how to cool cows and make more profits on dairies from Africa to Estonia (yes, even here). Mike… Read More

New Evidence of L. garvieae Bacterial Growth in Sand and Udder

Bacterial contaminant found in sand bedding found in the udder milk of dairy cows