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Dairy Profitability Video Series NEW! 3, Brand new videos explaining dairy profitability are now available on InspireCows, the new YouTube Channel dedicated to Dairy Health. Discover the opportunities available to your dairy business and where more value can… Read More

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Age at First Calving brings Great Value to the Dairy

A new review article from Inspire Cattle Solutions finds that calving cows at 22-25 months increases yield by up to 800kg in the first lactation, improves survival and fertility.

Dairy Income: Do YOU want to improve it?

Profits on a dairy can be maximised by knowing milk price, costs and Income Over Feed Costs. Learn the impact of this on YOUR dairy

When Does Lameness Prevention Pay Back?

Lameness prevention can come with a cost. This new article can help guide an advisor when investments can pay back per cow year on the dairy. Infectious and non-infectious lameness prevention strategies are compared and returns are higher in non-infectious investments.

Getting the Most from Dairy Assurance Advice

Processors, Retailers and Co-ops buy milk from Dairy Farms: many have quality assurance schemes that are intended to support farmers, consumers and their own businesses. The reality is that pleasing everyone is often very challenging. Farmers need a… Read More

Learn MORE about Heat Stress in Dairy Cows

Download the FREE Webinar Follow this link to register and learn at your own convenience. See the best evidence supporting how to cool cows and make more profits on dairies from Africa to Estonia (yes, even here). Mike… Read More

Make the Best of YOUR Reproduction Advice

Do you know how you can make the most of every stall in the Dairy Barn? Huge value can be made from improving reproductive efficiency on most dairies. Up to US$33 (29Euro, £26GBP) per % point of improved… Read More