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Mike Steele BSc(Hons) BVSc MRCVS

MSteele FB profile 600px“Welfare and Productivity have driven my journey through a fascinating veterinary career.”
Mike is now a Global, Independent Dairy Consultant, providing services to farms, processors/retailers and charitable organisations who wish to improve efficiency on their milk supply. He specialises in Dairy and runs Kai-zen projects that focus on specific targets, bringing value back to the customer. Mike has the ability to connect innovation projects to business in a practical way; to apply critical appraisal of clinical trials; communicate across geographies and analyse farm processes to ensure tangible value creation.
On-farm, practical experience has always been at the heart of his career. He began in farm practice in the UK and Northern Ireland, where value and individual animal care were key customer needs. He then moved to a teaching position at Bristol University as a Lecturer in Farm Animal Science. Here, he built the teaching program for Farm students and a ground-breaking, 5-year course in Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine. Science has always been his foundation, starting his career with a degree in Medical Biochemistry, from the University of London (Royal Holloway and Bedford New College) and a research position at the Royal Veterinary College in London, UK.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

MS presenting NMC 2018